Contact Centres - Development of Skill Standards – Level 3

National Consultation – provide your feedback by 6 December 2023

2023 Development of Skill Standards – Level 3

Skill standards have been established as a result of simplifying qualifications and other credentials consultation in 2021. These standards will soon become the core building blocks of qualifications that will support a skilled and future-ready workforce.

The proposed standards were developed in conjunction with an expert advisory group. These standards were primarily developed to facilitate programmes that include work-based learning, and they have been designed to accommodate all delivery types.

The learning outcomes and assessment criteria in the standards were developed to collectively align with the graduate profile outcomes (GPOs) in the New Zealand Certificate in Contact Centres (Level 3), while the indicative criteria sections provide a recommended base of learning that underpin the listed learning outcomes for each standard.


Title Level Credit
Navigate systems to support end-to-end journey of Contact Centre customer interactions  3 10
Utilise business systems and contact centre technology to meet objectives  3 15
Adhere to contact centre health and safety, organisational policies and relevant legislation  3 5
Provide customised solutions to contact centre customers  3 15


We have also added a quick presentation regarding who we are, and the process followed. This can be accessed here

Some important questions to think about are:

  • Is the current content in the skills standard meeting the industry need?
  • Any feedback on the wording of the Learning Outcomes, Assessment Criteria, and Indicative Content?
  • Or something else.

We are keen to hear from you and implement your ideas for this new and exciting project.

Please feel free to email your comments by 6 December 2023 with the subject line “Contact Centres Level 3” to [email protected]