Contact Centres - Development of Skill Standards – Level 3

An update following the completion of the Consultation Process

2023 Development of Skill Standards – Level 3

Skill standards are being developed as a result of simplifying qualifications and other credentials consultations in 2021. These standards will soon become the core building blocks of qualifications that will support a skilled and future-ready workforce.

Ringa Hora Services Workforce Development Council reviewed thirteen existing unit standards and created four new skill standards designed to align with the graduate profile outcomes (GPOs) of the New Zealand Certificate in Contact Centres (Level 3). Thirteen unit standards will be expired without replacement as they will no longer be required.

The draft skills standards can be accessed here:

Title Level Credit
Navigate systems to support end-to-end journey of Contact Centre customer interactions 3 10
Utilise business systems and contact centre technology to meet objectives 3 15
Adhere to contact centre health and safety, organisational policies and relevant legislation 3 5
Provide customised solutions to contact centre customers 3 15


These standards will be complimented by two skill standards (Customer service and Teamwork) that are part of the FoSS (Future of Service Skills) project.

The link to the FoSS project can be found here.

The proposed standards were developed in conjunction with an expert advisory group. These standards were primarily developed to facilitate programmes that include work-based learning, and they have been designed to accommodate all delivery types.

Development and consultation occurred from June to December 2023 with the involvement of subject matter experts from New Zealand’s contact centre sector, industry associations, and training providers, by email and through face-to-face and online meetings, to co-create new contact centre skill standards and consider feedback to ensure the new skill standards would be fit for purpose. Changes were made to the skill standards from feedback and confirmed by the subject matter experts.

The final drafts were submitted to NZQA for approval in December 2023.

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