Requesting Programme Endorsement

As part of the NZQA programme approval process, you need to supply a letter of endorsement from the relevant WDC.

If you need endorsement for a NEW programme, please complete the New programme application form, which requires details about the rationale of the programme and how all six considerations listed on the form have been addressed.

If your endorsement relates to an already established programme with a TYPE TWO change, please complete the Type Two change application form, which requires details of the proposed change and how any impact on the considerations listed on the form has been addressed.

We may require further evidence from you to satisfy some of our considerations. Once we are satisfied the proposed programme meets all the considerations, we will issue a letter of endorsement to submit to NZQA alongside the approval application. This letter will be valid for six months.

There is no fee for us to review and provide endorsement for your proposed programme.

Please email us at [email protected]. Please check the forms to ensure you provide all the evidence required.

Please allow 20 working days for us to process your request for programme endorsement.