Review of Intelligence Qualifications

Let us know by 13 October 2023  

2023 Review of Intelligence qualifications  

Ringa Hora Services Workforce Development Council is commencing a review of the above qualifications.  

We would like to invite public and private sector organisations with intelligence functions or those with an interest to be part of the review.  

We propose to start the review process from late October 2023 to ensure the qualifications are and continues to be useful and relevant to the sector.  

An online meet and greet session will be held in late October to bring all interested parties together to discuss the review process. From there we can form a working group to review the qualifications and those who would like to be part of the wider consultation process.  

The review may be conducted using a variety of methods including face to face and/or online meetings, individual interviews (face to face and online), email consultation, focus groups and workshops.   

Survey on the suite of Intelligence qualifications 

As part of our information gathering on the existing qualifications, we would appreciate you taking the time to fill in our survey to help inform the review.  

Your participation in this review is invited 

Please forward your expression of interest to be involved with the review to [email protected] by 13 October 2023  

We are happy to add people to our email network at any time. If you wish to be included in the email network or have any feedback or questions, please email [email protected]