Hospitality - 2023 Development of new Cookery skill standards for schools

Presenting draft standards

Ringa Hora Services Workforce Development Council is working to develop new skill standards for schools.

Changes to the NZQA DASS (Directory of Assessment and Skill Standards) require that all unit standards will be replaced by skill standards.

  • Skill standards are intended to be the building blocks of vocational qualifications and some other qualifications and credentials.

We propose during the next month (February 2024):

  • ensure the skills, knowledge and capabilities reflected in current unit standards are translated into new skill standards that are useful and relevant to the sector.
  • develop new skill standards to fill any gaps identified.
  • support the implementation of the RoVE (Reform of Vocational Education) legislation and the Government’s decision to simplify New Zealand qualifications and other credentials.

Ringa Hora is attempting to fulfil its role in developing a workforce for industry by developing skill standards for schools which will promote learning, grow capability, and arouse enthusiasm for working in the industry.

Feedback from earlier consultation has indicated that learners can accommodate about between 12 and 14 credits of learning in their school year. We have therefore produced draft standards at level 1 and 2 specifically for schools. They small packages which collectively provide sufficient credits while allowing a choice for schools to build a set that suits their learners’ needs.

Draft skill standards

Level 1

Level 2

Cutlery Baking
Fruit-Vegetables Cold Foods
Grilling-Frying Festive
Hot Finger Food Heat-based
Meat Local Ingredients
Sauce-Soup Nutrition
Baking-Boiling Seasonal Ingredients
Street Food
Techniques Baking


Ringa Hora will not be developing skill standards at level 3, targeted for use in schools, as Level 3 from our point of view is the area of transition to the workplace.

If you are interested in contributing to this review, please submit this form.

Owing to the nature of this major change to the nature of standards, existing standards will not immediately be replaced, unless that is the advice, we receive from you. But will expire over a period of at least 3 years to allow for adjustment.

The standards in this set are experimental drafts created with two things in mind:

  • to combine the small credit standards in the Hospitality – Foundation skills Domain into something more substantial and interesting for Ākonga
  • to create some scenarios that would allow Ākonga to engage in demanding and creative projects of learning, instead of following a recipe.

Please remember that Ringa Hora does not create the training and assessment resources but moderates the quality of the ones other agencies produce. Our focus is to create standards for skills needed by industry and others.

Ringa Hora Services Workforce Development Council, Qualifications Systems Products Team