Security - Development of Skill Standards – Foundation Level 3

National Consultation – provide your feedback by 6 December 2023

2023 Development of Skill Standards – Foundation Level 3

Skill standards have been established as a result of simplifying qualifications and other credentials consultation in 2021. These standards will soon become the core building blocks of qualifications that will support a skilled and future-ready workforce.

The proposed standards were developed in conjunction with an expert advisory group. These standards were primarily developed to facilitate programmes that include work-based learning, and they have been designed to accommodate all delivery types.

The learning outcomes and assessment criteria in the standards were developed to collectively align with the graduate profile outcomes (GPOs) in the New Zealand Certificate in Security (Foundation) (Level 3), while the indicative criteria sections provide a recommended base of learning that underpin the listed learning outcomes for each standard.

These standards will be complimented by two skill standards (Customer service and Teamwork) that are part of the FoSS (Future of Service Skills) project. This will also be reliant on NZQA approval as these standards are still in draft and consultation form.

The link to the FoSS project can be found here.

Please note that the three COA (Certificate of Approval) unit standards are not part of this development. They will be treated as a separate project and will have a light revision done to keep them relevant for another two years. The reason for this is that legislation and more will have to change before we can get them listed as skill standards.

The COA unit standards are 27360: Describe conflict management in a security contex. 27361: Manage conflict situations in a security context, and 27364: Demonstrate knowledge of the security industry in the pre-employment context.


Title Level Credit
Identify and apply professional and ethical standards as a security professional  3 6
Implement relevant New Zealand legislation as it applies in the security context 3 8
Operate and maintain equipment and technology in a security context  3 6
Identify and apply privacy, confidentiality, and client requirements when working with clients  3 6
Respond to incidents, events, and emergency situations, and interact with emergency services in a security work context 3 14


Some important questions to think about are:

  • Is the current content in the skills standard meeting the industry need?
  • Any feedback on the wording of the Learning Outcomes, Assessment Criteria, and Indicative Content?
  • Or something else.

We would be interested in your comments and ideas regarding these drafted skill standards.

Please feel free to email your comments by 6 December 2023 with the subject line “Security Level 3” to [email protected]