Our name and tohu

The origins of our name

Our name, Ringa Hora, derives itself from “Ringa” meaning hands, and “Hora” meaning spread out, and in this case, facing upwards. Ringa Hora – the upturned, outspread hands – symbolises manaakitanga, hospitality, and service. These values are fundamental to and permeate the whole Service sector.

Ringa Hora exemplifies the duty of care expected of us as an industry-led Service Workforce Development Council with a mandated responsibility to give voice and create space for more flexible learning pathways and outcomes. Our name speaks to the qualities and wishes described to us by the Interim Establishment Board of being values-based, people-centred, and being of service to others.

We aspire to live up to our name in everything we do.

Our tohu | logo

The Ringa Hora tohu is an image of a taura whiri | plaited rope. Traditionally used as a metaphor by kaiwhaikōrero/orators to connect whānau groups through a shared ancestor, and to acknowledge a leader’s ability to bring people together.

It can be applied to various situations where elements come together in unity. The taura/rope is made by plaiting aho (strands) made from rolled muka (scraped flax strands). Thus creating a stronger taura (rope) than the aho could on their own.

Services occur in our human domain, they are based on interactions between people. The chosen colour links to the ochre pigments of our soils that were fashioned by Tāne into the first humans in forming Hineahuone, a woman forged of clay, from whom all humans descend.