Te Manu Arataki Leadership Project

Be part of building the pathway for the next generation of leaders

Be part of building the pathway for the next generation of leaders

New Zealand businesses stand or fall on the ability of its leaders. But is there more room to improve the leadership skills that the economy needs?

This country has diverse enterprises, including numerous small and micro businesses and a thriving Māori business ecosystem. Their success provides employment and income opportunities, delivers goods and services that keep communities thriving, and helps showcase New Zealand to the world.

For these enterprises to succeed, growing and nurturing future leaders at all levels of business is crucial.

Improving leadership capability provides an opportunity to drive further growth in New Zealand’s productivity, and to positively impact businesses and the economy.

As a workforce development council (WDC), Ringa Hora works with the Service sector to review and develop qualifications that meet industry and workforce development needs.

Te Manu Arataki Leadership project, led by Ringa Hora, is now underway for all sectors supported by Ohu Ahumahi Workforce Development Councils. “Te Manu Arataki i te kāhui” is a Māori metaphor that acknowledges one’s leadership qualities and compares them to a bird leading a flock, often seen when birds fly in a ‘Skein’ or ‘V’ formation.

Early feedback from industry groups and iwi shows there is a desire for more leadership training and qualifications, something this project can play a significant part in delivering.

The project aims to enhance the quality of leadership training credentials by:

  • reviewing existing leadership credentials across the vocational education sector
  • developing new products where appropriate
  • facilitating career pathways into leadership.

The project will be carried out in four stages:

  • Conduct an environmental scan of how leadership qualifications are being used, by whom, across which industries, and delivered by which training providers
  • Collaborate with other WDCs to better understand industry and community needs and barriers
  • Understand existing research and analysis, including both western and indigenous approaches, to help inform future engagements.

  • Review outcomes of leadership qualification suite and any other levers within the WDCs’ coverage to align with and respond to identified needs
  • Consult with industry, providers, and communities to gather feedback.

  • Refine/adjust/develop qualifications and associated skill standards
  • Co-design/consolidate existing products
  • Identify opportunities to affect change beyond qualifications.

  • Report back to external project contributors with findings and actions
  • Present the outcome and/or products produced to internal and external stakeholders.

If you want to be part of this exciting project, don’t hesitate to join now.

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