Ringa Awhi Fund

What is the Ringa Awhi Fund?

The Ringa Awhi fund was created with residual funds held by Service IQ. It was transferred to Ringa Hora as part of the transition of Service IQ into Te Pūkenga.

The purpose of the Ringa Awhi fund is to facilitate collaborative workforce skills leadership and/or brokerage initiatives or projects within the Aviation, Tourism, Travel, Retail and Hospitality sectors.

The fund is accessible to industry associations in those sectors through a process which is managed by Ringa Hora in collaboration with sector representatives. The fund will be divided in thirds, with one-third for Retail, one-third for Hospitality, and one-third for Aviation, Tourism & Travel.

The industry associations are:

  • Aviation NZ
  • Hospitality NZ
  • Restaurant Association NZ
  • Retail NZ
  • Tourism Industry Aotearoa
  • Travel Agents Association NZ


Alignment of Ringa Awhi Funds and other streams of work

The Ringa Awhi Fund is one of the suite of initiatives Ringa Hora has in place to support our industries better. Together with the annual workforce development plan and vocational education investment advice, this investment can assist in implementing and delivering actions in collaboration with our services industry.

Priority areas of focus

As set out in the funding agreement, the funds are to help enhance Skills Leadership and Skills Brokerage functions. These include:

  • Contributing to a well functioning labour market system in which the Service sector industry can access the skills required to meet their current and future needs
  • Furthering the development of workforce strategies and plans
  • Furthering the training development and qualification of the Services sector workforce
  • Initiatives that will increase participation, achievement and progression by people underserved by the education system in the Service sector
  • Contribution towards the creation of a Services sector workforce that meet industry needs
  • Skills brokerage means to develop strategies and implement initiative to find solutions for addressing skills and talent pipeline shortages