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Shaping The Future of Service Skills

Future of Service Skills

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Help us shape the future of Service skills

New Zealand’s Service sector grows excellent communicators, problem solvers, collaborators and leaders. The changing nature of work is increasing the demand for these people and the soft skills they possess. We’ve heard that our industries want and value people with essential and transferrable skills, and are looking for short, sharp, stackable credentials.

Ringa Hora has designed some draft Level 3 skill standards and a micro-credential to fit into a new proposed cross-sector qualification and some existing qualifications. Over time, the new credentials may replace existing credentials.

Proposed credentials

Currently with NZQA for evaluation and approval:

Ringa Hora is also currently developing the Service skills common core micro credential (Level 3).

Download diagrams outlining how our proposed credentials stack together, and the draft concepts:

Ringa Hora has made an application to NZQA for the approval of the New Zealand Certificate in Service Sector Skills (Level 3) [Working title]. However, Ringa Hora always welcomes your feedback and support (stakeholder attestations).

We are also looking for a great name for this qualification and would value your input on a suitablequalification name.

Next steps

The common core micro-credential is being drafted, and an application for approval will be made to NZQA once the Skill Standards have been approved.  

When the credentials are approved, Ringa Hora will work on te Reo Māori versions of the respective documents. 

Qualification and Standard reviews in the security, contact centre, hospitality and retail sectors are also being shaped by the Future of Service Skills project.  

The journey so far 

We currently have over 20 existing entry-level Services credentials (Level 3) that share similar outcomes. Since early 2023, we have been working with industries across the Service sector to reduce duplication and match the transferrable skills desired by employers and industry with common learning outcomes across the Service sector qualifications. 

During February to April 2023 Ringa Hora held several online drop-in sessions, individual interviews, and industry hui to present our ideas and gain feedback.  We also received feedback via an online survey. 

Ringa Hora held a number of online hui in late November and early December 2023, where we provided a project update, answered questions and received feedback on the proposed credentials.  

We believe this approach eliminates the need for learners to undergo complete retraining as the common core of transferable skills can be recognised in different contexts.  

An application to NZQA for the approval of the initial Skill Standards was made in late December 2023.  

An application for the approval for the Level 3 qualification was made to NZQA in March 2024.  


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