2024 Review of Aeronautical Engineering Standards

Scoping and Planning

Review of Aeronautical Engineering Standards

Scoping/planning for the review of the following standards is underway.

The intention with the standards review is to carry out minimal changes at this stage, mainly addressing any identified issues within the standards, and extending the next review period. This process is called a Revision and Rollover.

This will allow additional time to work with the industry sector to develop future skill standards to replace the current unit standards.

Standards Domains

Aeronautical Armament
Aeronautical Composites
Aeronautical Document Production
Aeronautical Electroplating
Aeronautical Engineering – Core
Aeronautical Engineering Planning
Aeronautical Engineering Production Control
Aeronautical Engineering Quality Assurance
Aeronautical Engineering Technical Support
Aeronautical Machining
Aeronautical Non Destructive Testing
Aeronautical Storekeeping
Aerospace Engineering
Aircraft Furnishings and Equipment
Aircraft Mechanical Maintenance
Aircraft Mechanical Repair and Overhaul
Aircraft Painting
Aircraft Powerplant Maintenance
Aircraft Powerplant Repair and Overhaul
Aircraft Servicing
Aircraft Structures
Avionic Electrical Repair
Avionic Instrument Repair
Avionic Maintenance
Avionic Radio Repair
Helicopter Maintenance
Helicopter Repair and Overhaul



We will be engaging fully with stakeholders in the second quarter of 2024.  However, feedback or expressions of interest to be involved are welcome at any time by emailing [email protected].