Presenting our 2023 Workforce Development Plan

As many of our Service industries approach the busy holiday season, the vast majority of businesses continue to struggle to find skilled people to meet the anticipated demand.

With the ongoing challenges in the job market, it’s more important than ever to take a proactive approach to building a skilled and resilient workforce. Our plan does just that – by identifying the key focus areas and actions required to develop a future-proof workforce, we are empowering businesses to take charge of their own success.

With the support of our industry members, we have created a high-level summary of the people working in the Service sector today, a future vision, and the things that are top of mind for the sector. The actions within our plan aim to help develop a workforce that can navigate disruptions and contribute to the overall sustainability of industries.

We thank all our industry members who contributed their insight and input in shaping our Workforce Development Plan.

Read our Workforce Development Plan


A shared roadmap for Service sector industries

The Workforce Development Plan looks across the Service sector and sets out the major factors shaping the sector and an overarching vision for the future.

Alongside this are nine industry-specific Workforce Action Plans that focus on the characteristics and dynamics of each industry and its workforce. They describe what the future could look like for the workforce, the current challenges faced by the industry, and set out the actions we can take to tackle this wero | challenge.


How you can get involved

To make this Workforce Development Plan a reality, it needs to be driven by people who know the Service sector best – people like you. By continuing to work together, we can grow in the knowledge and understanding of the sector and its industries and create real change for the Service sector.

We invite further feedback on the plan and look forward to partnering with industry on workforce initiatives and the actions outlined in this plan.


Read our 2023 Workforce Development Plan