Mātauranga Māori vital to Te Manu Arataki | Leadership Project

Te Manu Arataki | Leadership Project is one of the key opportunities for industry to look at along with Ringa Hora in the next year. Ensuring that we can grow leaders for the future through relevant qualification pathways in Aotearoa workplaces is an essential goal for this project.  

Supporting Māori leadership development contributes to the economic empowerment of Māori communities and businesses. By ensuring Māori voices are represented in leadership qualifications, the project hopes to build capacity and opportunities for Māori leaders to succeed. 

In addition, Te Āo Māori has rich traditions of leadership and governance, which offers valuable insights and approaches to leadership development for everyone. By incorporating the Māori voice, the project not only acknowledges and honours indigenous leadership principles, it also enriches leadership training with diverse perspectives. 

Te Manu Arataki will incorporate mātauranga Māori in several ways:  

  • Integration of Māori perspectives: Drawing from traditional knowledge and cultural practices, this may involve exploring concepts such as whanaungatanga, manaakitanga, and kaitiakitanga, which are central to Māori worldview and leadership. 
  • Engagement: Speaking with iwi, hapū, Māori businesses, and communities will ensure Māori voices are included when developing leadership qualifications. This may involve seeking input on delivery methods and cultural alignment. 
  • Embedding cultural values: This will help ensure the content of leadership training is culturally relevant and resonates with Māori learners. This may involve incorporating Māori language, symbols, stories, and rituals into the curriculum, as well as highlighting the importance of cultural awareness and respect in leadership roles. 
  • Respect for tikanga Māori: This involves adhering to cultural protocols and practices in the delivery of leadership training, such as acknowledging tangata whenua, observing proper etiquette in communication and interaction, and upholding principles of mana and tapu. 
  • Collaboration with Māori educational institutions: Building connections with institutions such as whare wānanga and kura kaupapa Māori can provide valuable expertise and resources in incorporating mātauranga Māori into leadership development initiatives. These institutions may offer guidance on culturally appropriate pedagogies, curriculum development, and assessment methods. 

We want to engage with Māori across all sectors to make this project a success. Sign up to be involved and stay informed! 

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