Quality Assurance Sector Summary now available

The moderation function of Ringa Hora is a quality assurance activity that benefits industry, providers and ultimately ākonga. It ensures ākonga have met the required standard when they are awarded a unit or skill standard, qualification, or credential. Working alongside providers, our external quality assurance activities confirm that assessment materials developed by providers are fit-for-purpose and that assessment decisions are fair, valid, and consistent with the national standard, irrespective of the mode and place of learning.

Ringa Hora is committed to working with and supporting all providers and employers to achieve the best outcomes for their akōnga and carries out ongoing quality assurance activities to support the continuous improvement of assessment practices.

Ringa Hora currently has the responsibility for maintaining and quality assuring 1,889 unit standards across the 10 industries of the Service sector.

Ringa Hora uses a risk-based approach to determine its moderation focus – the frequency a provider moderated, and the standards called for moderation. Data from NZQA indicates that the sectors with the highest use during 2023 were Security (Certificate of Approval unit standards) and Hospitality (Licence Controller Qualification unit standards).

Ringa Hora will continue to support our providers with our Quality Assurance activities during 2024. Information about our 2024 moderation plan can be found here.

More information about the industries Ringa Hora serves can be found in our Workforce Development Plan.

Download and read our Quality Assurance Sector Summary