“Grow the person, grow the business, grow the industry”

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Key areas of focus

We have identified four key aho|strands, that are important for developing the workforce. Each of these aho will strengthen the workforce, but when woven together, as a taura whiri, we can achieve real transformation of the workforce.

We want to build a resilient and capable workforce that enables economically, socially, and culturally thriving people, businesses, and communities.

Explore our aho

Māori succeeding as Māori

In the workplace, success for Māori can be thought of broadly and include employment that is mana-uplifting for both individuals and communities, business practices which are founded on genuine partnership, and making Mātauranga Māori part of the unique identity of our sector.

Attracting and retaining the future workforce

If the sector can successfully attract the workforce that we have in New Zealand, and keep them engaged in the sector for longer, then we can look to reduce reliance on short-term migration. This will help increase productivity and wages, reduce poor workplace practices, and create opportunities for local people and communities. Part of successfully attracting the future workforce is considering what the future of customer demand could look like and how to best respond to that demand while factoring in the changing expectations people have of work.

Developing broad skills for the future

It is critical that people in the sector have the skills that will help individuals and businesses thrive now and in the future. As work is changing rapidly, people need a strong base of core skills, including literacy, language, and numeracy, as well as a broad range of skills that enable them to be adaptable and responsive and give them the ability to continue to learn throughout their lives.

Creating mana-uplifting jobs and opportunities

Building the mana of Service sector roles has benefits for businesses, whānau, and the community. For businesses, having staff engaged in more meaningful work is likely to lead to lower turnover and more highly productive staff. Building staff capability and skills helps build resilience and enables people to adapt more readily to changes, both to longer-term shifts and shocks like recent weather events and economic uncertainty.


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