We’ve published our Operational Plan

Find out about our priorities and actions for 2022/23

Ka rongo te pō, ka rongo te ao, ka awatea
From both darkness and light, a new dawn beckons.

Every day, people across New Zealand engage with the Service sector in a number of different ways, from getting our morning coffee from our local café, to talking to a real estate agent about buying our first home, to booking a long-anticipated holiday. At the heart of these businesses are skills that can be building blocks for careers – within the Service sector or across other sectors – that support people with their unique needs and choices.

Today we have published our Operational Plan 2022/23. In this document, you’ll find a commitment to working with the Service sector to build a future where the essential skills that come through education learning while in employment can be carried forward for life. Our plan explains what’s important to us, and outlines the actions we will take to achieve our strategic priorities.

These are:

  • growing a Te Tiriti embedded organisation
  • channelling and amplifying the voice of the Service sector
  • driving transformation in the vocational education system
  • building a high-performing team

We are committed to working with industry, Māori and iwi businesses, our partners, providers, and others in developing many of our plans and deliverables. As we engage, we fully expect to adjust our workplan and consider their needs and priorities.

We welcome any feedback, so please get in touch via our enquiry form if you have any comments on our work or wish to feedback on vocational education for the Service sector in Aotearoa.