Tourism Conventions and Incentives Qualifications and Unit Standards expiring

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Ringa Hora Services Workforce Development Council invites feedback on the proposed expiry of the Tourism Conventions and Incentives Qualifications and associated Unit Standards and welcome any expressions of interest in participating in future developments in the Tourism Sector. We explored with stakeholders whether it was worthwhile maintaining the Qualifications (and associated Standards) or if they should be discontinued and/or alternative education/training products developed.

It was agreed that these qualifications and standards should be expired, as the workforce training needs for this sector can be provided from other training. Ringa Hora is keen to continue to work with the sector to determine what will better meet their workforce training needs, including the potential for Skills Standards and/or Micro-credentials.

Please send any comments and/or feedback on this proposal to expire to [email protected] by Friday 3 June 2022


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