Investment Advice 2023

We invite you to read our Investment Advice 2023 – a key lever for Ringa Hora to support the Services sector in achieving long-term, transformational change in the vocational education system.

Ringa Hora has a statutory role in providing investment advice to the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC). This report represents our investment priorities for the 2024 funding year.

We have recommended TEC give effect to the proposed pan-industry investment priorities:

  • promote transferable foundation and core skills
  • support the alignment of qualifications
  • promote qualifications and credentials tailored to their preferred learning environments
  • promote career pathways and career changes
  • promote transitions into work
  • support flexible, tailored learning options
  • support equity outcomes for underserved learners.

More information on the proposed investment priorities can be found within the report, as well as industry-specific advice and detailed recommendations on programmes, delivery, regional responses, and qualification priorities where relevant.

This advice has been developed using industry insights from our engagement activities, administrative data and research commissioned by Ringa Hora. Ringa Hora is committed to continuously improving our database and building strong industry, iwi, and hapū relationships to support future investment advice and workforce development planning, including those groups where data may be less readily available currently.

Download the Investment Advice >