Explore our latest research, “What makes the Service sector resilient?”

This week, we released a copy of our research, ‘What makes the Service sector resilient?’

For many businesses and people within the Service sector, the past two years have been incredibly challenging. It is more important than ever to focus actively on the development of the future workforce.

Our research weaves together qualitative and quantitative information, to understand resilience and mobility in the Service sector, with a particular focus on Māori views and experiences.

Ben Ngaia, Ringa Hora Poumatua, says, “The report highlights a number of ways iwi and Māori businesses demonstrated resilience, despite the impacts of Covid-19.

Everyone benefits if we build those resilience practices into vocational education training.

Māori make up 14% of the service sector and around 6,800 businesses are Māori owned, injecting a significant income stream into the New Zealand economy.”

The report highlights four key intertwining dimensions of resilience in the Service sector:

  • The Service sector is built on connections between people.
  • There is a deep sense of purpose and values-alignment which underpins people’s choices and experiences in the Service sector.
  • The Service sector is a mobile workforce.
  • There is a diverse mix of people and skills in the Service sector.

Ringa Hora Chief Executive Kari Scrimshaw says, ‘The report confirms a highly mobile service sector. The challenge for us is turning that into an advantage that works for people and our businesses.

It’s also about identifying the most relevant skills across the service sector that underpin our economy as a whole. Wherever you look, service skills are essential for doing business and for communities to thrive.”

The research was undertaken with the support of funding from the Tertiary Education Commission, and in collaboration with Te Amokura Consultants and Scarlatti.

Explore the research here

Ko ngā pae tawhiti, whakamaua kia tata.
Ko ngā pae tata, whakamaua kia tina.
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