2023 Review of Specialist Cleaning Environments unit standards to develop skill standards

Expressions of Interest and feedback due: Friday 30th June 2023

Ringa Hora Services Workforce Development Council is commencing a review of the following unit standards listed on the Directory of Assessment and Skill Standards (DASS) during July 2023 with the intention of developing skill standards, here is the link:

Specialist Cleaning Environments

Skill standards are intended to be the building blocks of vocational qualifications and some other qualifications and credentials. Over time, skill standards will replace unit standards as the components of vocational qualifications.

We propose the review to take place during July and August to:

  • ensure the skills, knowledge and capabilities reflected in current unit standards are translated into new skill standards that are useful and relevant to the sector
  • develop new skill standards to fill any gaps identified during the review
  • support the implementation of the RoVE (Reform of Vocational Education) legislation and the Government’s decision to simplify New Zealand qualifications and other credentials.

The review will be conducted using a variety of methods including face to face and/or online meetings, individual interviews (face to face and online), email consultation, focus groups and workshops.

Each panellist will:

  • have wide expertise, and credibility, and mana within the sector
  • have experience with relevant unit standards
  • understand and be committed to best practice in standards-based assessment
  • be able to work collaboratively for the common good rather than just for own sector or interests
  • be available for the scheduled panel meetings.

Collectively, the panel will, as far as possible, be representative of all stakeholder groups.

Your participation in this review is invited

Please forward your expression of interest to be involved with the review (identifying your preferred means of engagement) to [email protected] by Friday, 30 June 2023.

We are happy to add people to the email network at any time. If you wish to be included in the email network or have any feedback or questions, please email [email protected]