2023 Development of Contractor Skills Standard

Ringa Hora, Toi Mai and other Workforce Development Councils (WDCs) are collaborating to create a Business skills standard for contractors at level 3. These are basic skills that a contractor needs, like calculating GST, interpreting contracts, and making quotes etc. We think these skills will apply to any contractor in any industry, so we seek a broad consultation to help us create a generic standard for our ākonga in any industry considering being a contractor.  

We are keen to hear from you and implement your ideas for this new and exciting project.  

Download the draft skills standard here

Some important questions to think about are: 

  • Is the current content in the skills standard meeting the industry need? 
  • Does it cover the industry you are currently working in?
  • Are there any skills that you think a contractor will need to have from your industry that are generic enough to be mentioned in this skills standard?  
  • Any feedback on the wording of the Learning Outcomes?  
  • Or any other comments you may have.

Please feel free to email your feedback by 20th October 2023 to [email protected]