Pacfic in the Service sector

Pacific in the Service sector

The Pacific workforce makes up 7% of all workers in the Service sector. This workforce is very diverse, including people from a number of different Pacific Island cultures. There is a growing number of Pacific-owned businesses in the sector, most of which are small-to-medium enterprises.

Concentrated predominantly in Auckland, the Pacific workforce makes up approx. 7% of Service sector workers with higher representation across Contact Centres, Cleaning, and Aviation compared to other industries.

Many young Pacific peoples leave school early to work in low-wage jobs as a means of helping support their households. This compromises their career options and further educational opportunities.

This is likely to be additionally exacerbated by issues and shocks such as natural disasters, climate change and economic upheaval. In addition, young Pacific peoples are affected by a growing digital divide, education affordability, and a lack of culturally receptive support in many workplaces.

There are significant opportunities for innovation within the Service sector to respond to the aspirations of the Pacific workforce and customers. Many industries have expressed an interest in addressing this barrier and upskilling their Pacific workers. However, there is often a lack of understanding of how to approach this.

Recognising and celebrating the value of cultural identity in the workplace, exploring pastoral care, and promoting career pathways that support Pacific identities will encourage Pacific communities and businesses to flourish.