Developing broad skills for the future

Developing broad skills for the future

It is critical that people in the sector have the skills that will help individuals and businesses thrive now and in the future. As work is changing rapidly, people need a strong base of core skills, including literacy, language, and numeracy, as well as a broad range of skills that enable them to be adaptable and responsive and give them the ability to continue to learn throughout their lives.

The changing nature of work is increasing the demand for “core” skills like customer service, communication, and problem-solving. Technology skills are also now needed for all roles, and the level of technical capability needed is increasing all the time.

These skills are fundamental to Service sector roles. People who hone their core skills in the Service sector can apply them across any future roles, both within the sector and in the wider economy. If we can credentialise these skills, it will enable people to change roles more easily, and for businesses to have better signals about the people they are hiring.

As part of this, we need to ensure we have an education system where the essential skills that come from learning while in employment can be carried forward for life. At the heart of our businesses are skills that can be building blocks for careers – within the Service sector or across other sectors – that support people with their unique needs and choices. This new world enables learners to earn while they are working and learn wherever they are located. This is of real importance to hapū and iwi, who lose their rangatahi to places where learning is situated. Creating a strong, resilient workforce that is built on skills gained through short, sharp, and stackable learning opportunities benefits the industry, individuals, and Aotearoa.


Putting this into action

Transformational change in the Service sector workforce will take time but to achieve that change, we need to start taking action now. Download our action plan which includes the key areas of focus, medium-term actions and short-term initiatives.