Waihangatia te Āmua Ao – 2023 Shaping the Future of Service Skills


We’ve been hearing that our sectors want and value people with essential and transferrable skills, and are looking for short, sharp, stackable credentials.

With over 28 existing entry-level services credentials that share similar outcomes, we would like to explore the ’short sharp stackable’ approach with our industries. Having an agreed set of core skills across our broad but connected industries will raise the overall capability of our service sector workforce. This will give greater assurance over the consistency of skills in our businesses and create clearer career options for employee growth and development.

We are keen to get your views on exploring the concept and design of more simplified credentials that encompass the core transferrable essential skills – complemented by stackable technical options.

We invite you to join us on this journey. If you would like to be involved, check out the project page to find out more information and participate in interviews, surveys, drop-in online sessions, or maybe just a chat!

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