Ringa Hora 2022/2023 Annual Report released

We are delighted to share our Ringa Hora 2022/2023 Annual Report, Pūrongo-ā-tau, which showcases our mahi over the past year.

The report covers the exciting progress made against our strategic objectives and measures, detailing our major achievements and key facts and figures, including:

  • Working with industry to complete a review of 55% of our qualifications, ensuring our products are co-designed and maintained to meet the needs of the Service sector.
  • One of our major pieces of work was our transformational project, Waihangatia te Āmua Ao:2023 Future of Service Skills, which aimed to reduce the many entry-level qualifications in the services industry to create fewer, more meaningful and flexible credentials. These credentials will be stackable in technical content but contain the transferrable skills industry have been asking for, such as excellent customer service, communication skills, teamwork, health and safety, and work readiness.
  • Hosting industry hui that were platforms for key associations, organisations, union members, and education providers, to discuss the opportunities, challenges and possible solutions to shape the future of these industries. The insights gathered informed our Workforce Development Plan and industry-specific Workforce Action Plans.
  • Partnering with Te Pūkenga to provide a focused approach to developing culinary/cookery qualifications and content for the hospitality industry. This created clearer pathways for culinary skills to be developed across the broad range of hospitality outlets and learning environments, from entry-level to PhD.
  • The consolidation of industry feedback on where the government should invest in vocational funding, through our first set of Investment Advice to TEC.

We extend our deep appreciation to those who contributed to our Pūrongo-ā-tau, by taking the time to engage, kōrero, and collaborate with us.

Download the full report here.