Image of Wyndi Tagi

Wyndi Tagi

Keynote Speaker

Wyndi Tagi is many things – Co-founder of WE Mana (with her husband Eli); Business Coach; Co-Chair for Manukau Institute of Technology Rūnanga, and Board Member for The Australia New Zealand Leadership Forum (ANZLF) Indigenous Women’s Business Network; mother to five sons – and grandmother to two baby girls – and wāhine toa on a mission to enhance the mana of Māori and Pacific people.

Proudly Ati-Hau-Nui-A-Paparangi on one side and Greek & European on the other, everything Wyndi does is to further that mission. Be it using her background in business, finance and banking to coach small businesses, rolling out financial literacy programmes to those who need it the most, contributing her thoughts in multiple governance roles, setting up outsourcing work in Samoa, or trying to help WE’s clients understand that they can have financial success while staying true to family-centric cultural values.

As a cancer survivor who knows what it’s like to be a single mum, to be part of a blended family and to start a business with a newborn baby, Wyndi believes that understanding people’s ‘why’ and whole life situation is the first step in helping them to run a better – and more profitable – business. Strategic visionary and planner, growth advisor, business coach, mentor and facilitator, Wyndi’s happiest place is helping people run purpose-driven businesses that positively impact communities. She truly believes every business owner can be who they want, do what they love, be present for their family and still thrive financially.