Micro-Credentials – Seeking Accreditation to Deliver

We are pleased to confirm that NZQA have approved the listing of the following Ringa Hora Services Workforce Development Council developed micro-credential:

  • Licence Controller Qualification – LCQ (Micro-credential) [Ref: 5056] (Level 4, 5 credits)

If providers are interested in delivering the micro-credential, they will need to apply to NZQA for accreditation, and ensure they have consent to assess the relevant unit or skill standards.

A letter of WDC support is not required for an accreditation application to deliver a WDC developed micro-credential, but the WDC should be consulted and the micro-credential’s requirements clarified.

You can search the NZQA register for Ringa Hora approved micro-credentials. Please contact us for further details on the approved micro-credential at [email protected]

Micro-Credential Accreditation

Providers interested in delivering the micro-credential will need to obtain accreditation from NZQA.  The micro-credential accreditation Application Form 3 is available from Micro-credential applications :: NZQA.

Further information is available from  Micro-credential listing, approval, and accreditation :: NZQA, including the Guidelines for micro-credential listing, approval and accreditation :: NZQA.

Consent to Assess

If the micro-credential includes standards, and the applicant does not hold consent, the applicant must provide evidence of their ability to meet the CMR for those standards and how the proposed delivery will meet the CMR.

Where support for consent to assess standards is required from a WDC, contact the WDC before applying to NZQA for micro-credential accreditation. For more information see Consent to Assess – Ringa Hora.

When NZQA grants micro-credential accreditation, the related consent to assess is also granted.